Matchbox – Tuli

Matchbox – Tuli

CHF 80


Matchbox – Tuli

Simple and refined at the same time, the matchbox – Tuli with its firmness for a one-handed fire pleasure of a special kind. It reminds of the all-matches (or frictional) of past days and offers with its collecting compartment a staging of the transformation. The matchboxes (36mm × 17mm × 58mm) are used as deposit accounts. The cardboard box is inserted from below through the pass-accurate guide and merges with the matchbox, only the rubbing surface remains visible. Due to the weight of the concrete foot, the ignition is possible with one hand and leaves the other hand at the free disposal.


– material: Formschmiede high-performance concrete, leather or felt
– mass: 600 grams
– measurements: 10,0 x 8,0 x 4,0 cm
– refill: matchbox 36x17x58mm

Made by Meri Zirkelbach

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Bottom leather brown, Bottom leather black, Bottom leather red, Bottom leather dark blue, Bottom wool felt light brown, Bottom wool felt dark grey