Bird cloud – Pilvi
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Bird cloud – Pilvi

CHF 40


Bird cloud – Pilvi

„Like sitting on a cloud“. That’s what birds will think when flying towards the feeding station Pilvi. The birdfeeder’s simple and distinct design reminds of a cloud’s silhouette, in which the birds can indulge in their passion in a heavenly setting.
Installed in a tree or close by in sighting distance from the balcony, it’s never been easier to observe our feathered friends.
The integrated clamping system makes Pilvi extra easy and safe to handle by allowing you to hang your birdseed-sphere without further fixation.

Bird cloud – Pilvi
Material: Birch plywood (impregnated), Polyester cord
– Weight: 75 gr.
– Measure: 28.5x15x2.3cm

Made by Meri Zirkelbach