Formschmiede works with high-quality materials, that work well with the main component concrete. For the objects in concrete, Formschmiede uses a specially developed and thoroughly tested mixture of own making. This allows to reproduce series of objects with an extremely smooth surface and high precision when it comes to details.
The matt surface of the concrete is preserved by using a special Formschmiede surface treatment rather than a glossy varnish.
The focus lies on handpicked raw material with a quality that fits the high standards I set for my work. Ecological values and sustainability are also key points of my work ethic.
The raw materials used for the Formschmiede concrete mixture are all regionally sourced.
For example, the pieces of leather used on the bottom of the objects are repurposed scraps from furniture companies. Due to the natural origin of leather, there may be small imperfections from scarring or varying in color. For the packaging of our products, only recyclable materials are used.
From the development and production to the packaging and distribution every step is performed by Meri Zirkelbach from her studio in Adliswil, Switzerland.
Formschmiede products are 100% Swiss made.