Formschmiede specializes in the development of unconventional products for people with a passion for the unique. The focus is on objects made of concrete, combined with other premium materials. The emphasis lies on the pure effect of the materials and the high-end finish with a love for details.
The products stand out through their simple minimalist design devoid of unnecessary flourishes. Factual consistency meets timeless aesthetics.
Formschmiede unites simple functionality and extraordinary design, carefully developed and manufactured.
The reinterpretation of traditional craftsmanship stands for the inimitability of Formschmiede.
Übersicht Beton Uhr – Kello

Clock – Kello

Übersicht Beton Schale – Vati

Bowl – Vati

Übersicht Beton Lampe – Valo

Table lamp – Valo


Jewelry box – Koru

Übersicht Cloud – Pilvi

Bird cloud – Pilvi

Übersicht Beton Zundholzbox – Tuli

Matchbox – Tuli

Übersicht Beton Vogelhaus – Lintu

Birdhouse – Lintu

Übersicht Beton Korkbox – Rasia

Corkbox – Rasia

Übersicht Beton Stiftebox – Kynä

Pencil box – Kynä